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Science museum!

Hello everyone!


We all had an incredible time at the Science museum! All the children were able to have a real, hands-on experience in the Wonderlab! They were able to experience all different elements of Science and found it absolutely fascinating! It was great to see so many happy, smiley faces! 


I'm sure it has given you all some inspiration for those Space boxes due in for the first Monday back after half term!! Some of you have been telling me about your amazing ideas and I am getting so excited to see your boxes! smiley


Remember to keep looking on the NASA website/app, there are some great photos and facts for inspiration! Have fun with your project, it's a great one! Cannot wait to display them smiley


Miss Annette

Summer is here!

Hi everyone!


We're a couple of weeks into the summer term now and the weather is starting to show it! It's so lovely outside!


This term we are looking at Space and the Ancient Greeks and everyone is really enjoying researching and finding out more about our current topics! Some of the facts we have researched have been fascinating! Nearly as fascinating as some of the projects the children have done at home smiley I have been super impressed with the effort that has gone into the moon phase projects. 

Some children used oreos to represent the moon which is fantastic! ( wouldn't want to eat them now though!) 

Cerys, your project was brilliant! Bringing in a box with your project inside and using a torch around the different sides to light up the inside was a brilliant way of representing the phases!

Sheona, it was great to see that you made a model of the phases! Well done!

I am super impressed with all your efforts, well done! 


Thank you to Gabriel who made and brought in a Dalek poster for our English display, which is currently on balanced arguments. Do you think Daleks should be allowed to live on Earth?

Gabriel, would you mind if we used the Dalek in the shared area for our main display?


We are all so fascinated by space at the moment! We are watching NASA videos in Science at the moment. They are brilliant! Can you cry in Space? What happens to water in a flannel in Space? How do you brush your teeth in Space? Watch the videos through the NASA website, they are great!

Download the NASA app if you haven't already for more fascinating Space facts, videos and a gallery of AMAZING photos to inspire your learning!


Remember, we are off to the Science museum next Thursday! I am really looking forward to it, it is such a fantastic, hands on experience and I know you will all have a great time! Research before and see what you can expect to do and see!


Enjoy the rest of your week


Miss Annette 

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