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when we went to Tesco we made breakfast and we tasted food and we looked at diffrent fruit and

vegtables and then we saw the breakfast at the far corner of the shop and then we went back to school and then we went home 


We  have been lerning about skeletons in science. And we lernt  there are different skeletons there are endoskeletons exoskeletons and hydrostactic skeletons . A endoskeletons are skeletons with a spin . A exo skeleton is a skeleton on the out side and they can grow lims  back. A hydrostactic skelenton has no skelenton it has fliwid and meat in side of it . And that's what we been lerning about in science.

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My name is Zakk I LIKE PLAYING FOOTBALL! My favourite subject is ART! But I also like maths. I am in year 3 

Our trip to Tesco

On Tuesday we went on a trip Tesco . We did not  go on a bus ,we had to walk . when we arrived Joanna led us to the staff room where

Our boxes

A few days ago Mrs. Begum told us that we are going to design a box for a competition and everyone had to bring in a item.The item had to remind you of maybe if you went somewhere or it might remind you of some family, I brought in a sea shell which reminded me when I went to the beach! On Tuesday next week you can go to Connaught school to see our boxes wink

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