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space in school

we all love space as we learn new facts every day .The phases of the moon are awesomesmileybecause  we got to make projects and huge posters they were really fun to make in topic ancient Greece really funlaugh


Firstly,I enjoyed school because space is so FUN yesand ancient Greece is kind of FUNenlightened



from sienna

at home on friday the 12th may 2017

Its me again, Leila laugh I have had a hard working day at school today although on the other hand IT WAS QUITE FUN . Firstly we had maths, year six had finished there sats so they came round and helped other class's, that meant less work for uslaugh. Sorry but I have to go to foot ball now as it is 5:00 , HAVE A FAB DAY





in and outside of school

Hi guys its me Leila and I am in miss Annette's class,


in side of school, in English we have been doing the balanced arguments on whether Dalek's should be allowed to live on Earth. Do you think that they should be able to live on Earth? I sure don't. Outside of school I do a foot ball club with Cerys and Sianna .

My blog

Hi everyone!!!smiley


My name is Pratit Gurung and I am from year 5 Meerkats class. My class teacher are Miss Annette and Mr Henchy.

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