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It been fun in my class now it close to be holidays we have lerning about spys and road safety. In Art we have been lening about Celts sheld MOST FUN THINg IS WE ARE GOING ON A SCHOOL TRIP ON THURSDAY YAY! GOOD BY FROM ROWAN

28 March 2017

2 week's ago I made a plant whith my class it was fun we done it in science.Also  in maths we are leaning about shapes and we were leaning about fractions.In English  we are leaning about road safety because a few week's ago someone got knocked over and we made a letter about this in are English book's then are best writing book's to a real letter.


from  Jaime Martin goodbye

My Weemee

I tried my best and it went good some of you may not like it but were all not the same.

Not Bad

Its ok

malak's diary

hi everybody my name is malak and my hobbies is swimming,karate and reading.in school i like art,music,guided reading and going on school trips.i have 2 little sisters who are anoying one cries and one who is always singingheart

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