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space in school

we all love space as we learn new facts every day .The phases of the moon are awesomesmileybecause  we got to make projects and huge posters they were really fun to make in topic ancient Greece really funlaugh



Hi am preeti I love maths because I am in the top table and I love it because it is so hard not so hard yippie. I love it my best subject ever in my whole life. It is so great

Runways End

Year 4 are going to Runways end  on June 12th 2012! Remember to be prepared for those 3 long days.


My class is very excited. I can't wait to do all of the activities and try out the equipment cool.

Runways end

smileyHello I am really excited about going on Runways End with the kindest teacher ever Miss Stewart and I will be going with all my friends . I have never went on a residential trip before so hopefully I have a great time with everyone.

What I'm Proud Of

Hi my name is Alan and I'm becoming more confident in many subjects like Maths, English, Art and PE.

  Helping Friends


I like helping my friends when they are sad or hurt. It makes me feel more confident about helping out. It's not only in the playground, its also in the classroom when they are struggling on questions or what to write.


When we started to do time I found it hard, and I'm being very honest. Now I find it easier because learning time can help once you have mastered it.



In art I really like drawing but when it comes to colouring I don't like it at all. I'm very excited because I've heard we're doing pottery soon!


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